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How Do I Serve a Document on a Corporation?

business law smallService is the procedure by which the plaintiff informs the defendant of the claims made against him or her. Serving a document on a corporation can be achieved through several methods that include:

  • Leaving it at, or posting it to, the corporations registered office
  • Delivering a copy of the document personally to the director of the company
  • Personally serving the document on the principal officer of the corporation
  • Any other manner in which service of such a document may, by law, be served on the corporation.

A party that files a document must soon as practicably possible, serve the document on each other active party.

If you are unable to serve a document, it is possible to make an application to the court for what is called an Order for Substituted Service. However, the Court does not automatically grant an application for an Order for Substituted Service and you will also need to file an affidavit explaining the reasons as to why the document can not be served.

Corporations Act 2001, s 109X


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