Estate Planning (wills, power of attorney and enduring guardian)

Areas of practice estate planningIt could be said that, generally, society is in the middle of one of the greatest wealth transfers to occur in history. Steps can be taken to better protect your wealth from adverse claims or waste. We can help you ensure your personal dealings are in order and that your family is well prepared if something goes wrong. We can create trusts for a child’s college fund or draft a will to reflect your wishes that your assets get distributed the way you prefer. We can also assist you if there is no will.

Real Estate

Your home is often your most significant asset. Whether you are buying or selling you must be confident in the process and avoid unnecessary delays or problems. We can assist you with any legal issues related to real estate and property, whether it’s commercial real estate or residential property. We can help you negotiate real estate transactions and draft any documents you will need to buy or sell. We can assist you should complications arise in respect of a purchase/sale agreement, or if you are having legal issues with a tenant or landlord. We were one of the first legal firms to engage with the latest developments in electronic conveyancing.

Business Law

We are familiar with all types of business needs from leasing and employment issues to tax compliance. Securing an income stream through the acquisition of a business requires careful attention to properly safeguard your interests. We can help you with business legal processes such as buying or forming a company, negotiating deals and drafting documents such as employment agreements. When you are ready to sell we ensure that your contract is solid and nothing is left to chance.

Family Law

We can assist with divorce and property settlements. With over 40 years of experience, we understand what you are up against. We recognize the pressure you are under, both in terms of the future of your family and the economic strain you feel. We recognise the additional emotional stresses that often accompany these situations and are sensitive of the need for efficient resolution at minimum expense.

Civil Litigation

We can typically take on most types of litigation, or lawsuits. We discretely handle any legal issues from infringing neighbours to a personal breach of contract. If you think you may need legal advice, you can feel comfortable discussing any situation with us. In our more than 50 years of practice we have been able to help in many unique situations. Often disputes can be resolved without having to go to court and we can offer various other solutions via alternative dispute resolution processes.


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